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Podcast: Memoirs of a female surgeon

Michael Joyce produces multimedia at william hill足球 and tweets as @mlmjoyce.

Only 7 percent of orthopedic surgeons in the United States are women.

Dr.Julie Switzer is one of them.

In this podcast we touch on gender,but we mostly address two other topics.First,is Switzer's passion for caring for the elderly who sustain fractures.Second,the emerging sports focus in how orthopedics is covered by the media,and marketed to the public.

Does this sports medicine framing reflect what orthopedics is really about?Is there more to this specialty than the jock-centric image we often associate with it?

Switzer has a unique perspective on these and other important questions.

Story Resources:

TheNew Yorker coverwhich launched the #ILookLikeASurgeon selfie movement by female surgeons around the globe.

Here isTracy Seipel's storyabout the San Francisco Bay area surgeons who joined the movement.It includes a slide show of the selfies and a video featuring some of the surgeons.

A nice commentary co-written by Dr.Switzer about rethinkinghow hip fractures in the elderly should be addressed.

What is the latest on the pay gap that exists between female and male physicians?ThisSTAT articlefrom April 2017 covers it well.

Here's a HealthNewsWatchdog podcast we produced onoverdiagnosis in orthopedics.

You can find all our podcastsHERE.


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