Note to our followers: Our nearly 13-year run of daily publication of new content on william hill足球 came to a close at the end of 2018.Publisher Gary Schwitzer and other contributors may post new articles periodically.但是,我们发表的6000多篇文章都包含了一些经验教训,可以帮助您提高对医疗干预的批判性思考。威廉希尔足球这些东西将在现场存活几年。

For both health 威廉希尔足球care and health care journalism,中间有东西不见了

Joy Victory has been deputy managing editor of william hill足球 since 2016.她发微博@thejoyvictory.

In 2015,a few months before I started working at william hill足球,世界性杂志发表了我的文章,"Why are so many American women dying in childbirth?"

厌倦了女人为这个问题受到指责,I used my personal story to explore the fissures in U.S.孕产妇保健:在我出生的医院,威廉希尔足球and in my prenatal midwife appointments near the end of my pregnancy,I didn't feel safe,我觉得没人听我说,and I didn't feel respected.

现在,在我最后几周的工作中,as william hill足球 comes to a close,I find myself (gratefully) reflecting on a recent opposite experience.In November,我做了腹部腹腔镜手术,我不可能要求一个更好的医疗队和医院。I felt safe,我觉得听到了,I felt respected.我也感觉到pampered,as the hospital had plenty of extra perks,就像个人床加热器,一个整天陪在我身边的富有同情心的护士,and a rooftop garden.让我大吃一惊的比尔,covered by my insurance,揭示了这一切的可能性。

In the days after,I kept thinking,真是太好了,but where's the middle ground?可靠的,effective 威廉希尔足球care without bells and whistles that make it unnecessarily expensive?

当我下班后回来工作治疗的时候,这一思想扩展到了医疗保健新闻:我们看到了许多非常低质量的新闻—威廉希尔足球—草率写作,公然宣传,经常被塑造成点击诱饵。Too much money is apparently being spent on daily not-ready-for-prime-time health 威廉希尔足球care news – money that dresses up unimportant health care news with attention-grabbing wrapping paper that isn't warranted.为什么人们甚至被付钱做礼拜,churning out junk news every day to meet some quota?And why are some being paid to put their name on what is really just a regurgitated news release?

在光谱的另一端,a handful of news organizations regularly offer up stellar investigative or in-depth explanatory journalism, which we've made sure to showcase in our五星级星期五系列.我们的提名者都有两个共同点:他们花时间和金钱创造,对于许多新闻机构来说都是供不应求的。

但不是每一个故事都需要成为点击诱饵或者配得上普利策。中间地带——完整而高效的报告——是读者想要和需要阅读的内容。一吸引我们10 criteriacan be a good starting point for this kind of journalism,as these review examples demonstrate:

More of this kind of reporting is what readers want–and need–as they wade through an increasingly complex and expensive health威廉希尔足球care system,充满了错误的激励,治疗效果可疑,weaker regulations,and minimal accountability.

这里的前两个例子是“长视”,而不是专注于一项新的研究,they take a wider look at the health problem at hand,以及研究显示的——但没有显示。第三个例子以一项新的研究为起点,对逐渐减少类阿片治疗慢性疼痛的挑战进行了更广泛的讨论。Richly sourced,他们离点击诱饵很远,然而,他们不需要任何特别的调查或花哨的故事讲述。

换言之,他们走在中间地带,这样做,stand out from the crowd.



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